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Cacheux Elephant Automatic Watch

This is a fake watch that I really never thought was going to be made. It started out as a concept fake watch called the "Galibier?based upon a concept car from Bugatti with the same name. Fabien Cacheux designed it to have a perlage decorated "drum case,?Bugatti logo, and an interesting strap system. Less than a year later, a more practical version of the piece is being made ?but in very limited quantities and it will be called the "Cacheux Elephant Automatic.?/p>

Although France based Cacheux tries to explain the "Elephant?name, I still don't quite get it. Something about being so gigantic and respect demanding?Oh well, no point in dwelling on that. The Elephant has a lot of interesting talking points. Most notably the movement, as well as the case and strap. It is really the strap design that will catch most people's eyes. The idea is simple. Cacheux will take your (the customers) wrist measurements, and cut a calf leather strap to your size. Of course there will be some wiggle room, as the system is adjustable at the lugs. The custom sizing of the strap will allow you to not have too much excess strap sticking out ?which would be bad.

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The lugs have that elegant pocket watch-esque single lug look. This is enhanced by the strap adjustments to these points. All in all it looks quite steampunk in my opinion. This of course continues to the dial ?whose design is legible, but has a hint of the avant garde. I quite like the dial although it is simple. Cacheux basically had to choose ?crazy strap or crazy dial. Both would have made the fake watch "a bit?much for collectors. Then again, with just a few pieces being made, why not go all out?

Being 42mm wide, the case is a perfect circle and not too large. Wearing the fake watch is "interesting?most likely due to the lug to lug distance which is 77mm at its largest point. this means that you'll have a lot of protrusion going on here. No ability for this fake watch to hide under most sleeves. The case isn't too thick though ?just 11mm. The case is water resistant to 30 meters and has a sapphire crystal over the ivory colored dial (what, no REAL ivory with a name like "Elephant.?Yes, I know, that would be cruel, and illegal in most places).

While the Elephant is French in design, it is Swiss in production. The automatic movement is uses is quite interesting. Like the Carl F. Bucherer A1000 that I like, it has a special periphery mounted rotor that allows you to see the movement, but still enjoy the convenience of an automatic. The movement is the Caliber LAH 1326 made by the Le Artisans Horlogers. There will also be a piece unique with a manually wound tourbillon movement.

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The case will come in either yellow, pink, or white gold. You basically choose the one you want. Ten people will get to enjoy one of these replica watches with the automatic movement, and there will be just one of the tourbillon models made. Price? No idea. Cacheux wants you to "demand information?from them if you wan to order one. I sure hope to see an Elephant on someone's wrist sometime. Maybe as a more extended edition Cacheux will make a "Mammoth.?/p> Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One Replica watch Hands On 3724
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